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Dual Career ~ Spouse Job Seeker’s Network

Are you currently looking for employment in Denmark? Would you like to share job search goals, overcome barriers and expand your network? Perhaps this network is for you?

We all know that looking for employment in Denmark can be a lonely venture and hard on your self-esteem. Therefore we are pleased to invite you to our Dual Career ~ Spouse Job Seeker’s Network, which is a group of job seekers that meet weekly. This network provides you the opportunity to meet-up informally, get input from other job seeking professionals, explore resources, job leads, exchange information, provide support, direction etc.

This initiative is run by volunteers of KU-spouses. Meetings will be held every 2nd Thursday starting 10:30 sharp!

The main benefit of the Dual Career ~ Spouse Job Seeker’s Network is to give you the opportunity to network as well as provide a “safe place” of mutual respect, where you share experiences and learn more about the most effective job search methods and how to apply them. By joining this network you'll be able to:

  • Get an instant support network
  • Professionalise your job search
  • Get a break from home life and avoid isolation
  • Share job search goals and overcome barriers
  • Take the fear out of finding a job using knowledge, effort and support

If you are a little hesitant to join, just give it a small go—you might be surprised by what you can get out of it. You may also find that this network opens new opportunities, friendships and resources.

We really look forward to seeing you!
Kindest regards,

Mary K. Kobia & Mark de Vos

Dates and topics

  • 12th of December – Meeting and getting advice from an HR professional from Dong Energy -  Facilitator:  Sarah Engelbrecht

Event details

Time: 10:00 - 13:30
Place: International House, 6th floor University of Copenhagen, Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen V
Price: Free

Signing up

By sending an email to Mary Kobia mary.kobia@adm.ku.dk with the following details:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Nationality
  • Educational background/Profession
  • Any ideas for topics?


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