International Spouse Career Lunches 2017 – University of Copenhagen

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International Spouse Career Lunches 2017

This event is held in an informal setting, but provides a chance for internationals to network, meet with other spouses and to share both professional and personal experiences and interests.

Apart from enjoying a delightful lunch and meeting new acquaintances, this event will also have a career focus on giving you tips on career-related topics and cultural aspects in Denmark. Some of the topics could range:

  • Do you need new ideas on how to enhance your job search?
  • Do you know how to create a CV or resume that stands out to employers?
  • Have you mastered the Danish hygge?

Each month’s theme will be conceptualised based on input from guest speakers, recruiters/head hunters, international spouses and expats.

Children are very welcome to the event; a cosy kid’s area has been set up to occupy them creatively.

Upcoming Events

24th of November

9am - 1.30pm

IDCN Partner Event hosted by the University of Copenhagen (UCPH)

What career journeys are there at a university within academia and administration? What are the options and possibilities?

With over 40,000 students and more than 9,000 employees, UCPH is one of the largest institutions of research and education in the Nordic countries. The purpose of the University is to ’conduct research and provide further education to the highest academic level’.

Approximately one hundred different institutes, departments, laboratories, centres, museums, etc., form the nucleus of the University, where professors, lecturers and other academic staff, as well as most of the technical and administrative personnel, carry out their daily work, and where teaching takes place.

At this unique IDCN event we will focus on giving you valuable input about career paths within academia and administration at UCPH. In the structured network session with the other IDCN corporate members we will provide you with the opportunity to network and meet HR professionals, recruiters, employees from  other Danish universities:

-          DTU – Technical University of Denmark

-          ITU – IT University of Copenhagen

-          CBS – Copenhagen Business School

-          RUC – Roskilde University

-          Aalborg University Copenhagen

More about this event will be posted.

About IDCN

In just 1 ½ year IDCN Copenhagen has grown to include more than 200 partner members and 17 corporate members from sectors within education, life science, biotech, shipping, engineering, consumer products and consulting. IDCN is a great platform for you to extend your professional network, volunteer and meet like-minded professionals.  Click on this link to read more about IDCN Copenhagen.

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Price: Free

12th of December

10am - 1pm

Theme: Meeting and getting advice from an HR professional from Dong Energy

How does a HR professional work and how to approach one in Denmark?

What to pay particular attention to in your personal sales material (application / CV)? How to use LinkedIn? These questions and many more will all be answered, at this event where we have the pleasure of meeting Sarah Engelbrecht, who is from Dong Energy.

Feel free to attend this informal and cosy event and ask any questions you may have in connection to your job search!

Facilitator: Sarah Engelbrecht

Experienced Talent and OD Manager and Chartered Occupational Psychologist

Dong Energy

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Price: Free