How do we support PhD’s and Postdocs to prepare the next step in their career, whether it is within or beyond academia?

The UCPH’s network for employees involved in researcher career development for PhD's and Postdocs is hosting an online event focusing on sharing in-house experiences in the area of career development for young researchers.

We are pleased to inform you that since march 2020, UCPH has been offering individual 1:1 career counselling to its PhDs and Postdocs. Mette Fog Skriver is a Career Consultant and has been responsible for this task as well as the spearhead of the new initiative concerning early career development for young researchers. We are delighted to welcome Mette, who will be sharing her experiences, findings and insights from meeting the young researchers during 1:1 career counselling the past year!

Records show that a vast majority of the young researchers may not be able to pursue a career within academia. A large number of the PhDs and Postdocs are therefore compelled to take up a career beyond academia. One part of the Academic Career Development Programme  (VIP Karriereudviklingsprogrammet) at UCPH has a particular focus on supporting early career planning as well as career counselling of PhDs and postdocs.

For more information on how to book a one-hour career counselling click on this KU-net link. Feel free to disseminate and share this important info to your PhDs and Postdocs.


  • Welcome

-       Mark de Vos and Mary K. Kobia
        Global Mobility Consultants
        Shared HR - International Staff Mobility (ISM)

-       Mette Fog Skriver
        Career Consultant for PhDs and Postdocs at UCPH

  • Early career planning, PhDs and Postdocs searching for future career opportunities
    - Presentation of the resent experiences with 1:1 Career Counselling for PhDs and Postdocs
    - What advice do the PhDs and Postdocs request in the counselling?
    - Which topics and tools are demanded during counselling?

  • Share your valuable knowledge and insights
    In order to offer the best support to the young researchers, now it is time for your valuable input. Share your own experiences, either with working with the young researchers or as a young researcher yourself. By sharing your insights with us you will help secure that UCPH is able to offer the most relevant and up to date career offer for this important group of employees. It certainly is an extraordinary time in regard to covid-19.

    Are there to your knowledge topics, in particular, we need to address and be aware of in special regard to PhDs and Postdocs?

    What is in your opinion the most important topic to focus on when preparing the young researchers for the next step in their career?

  •   Plenary take-aways and goodbye
    We hope you will join this online event and find new inspiration on how to support young researchers’ careers. This event will allow you to share knowledge and network with other like-minded professionals.


    Career Consultant for PhDs and Postdocs at UCPH

    For the past ten years, Mette has worked with career development and retention of highly skilled talents coming to 

    Denmark. She has hands-on experience in setting up career mentor programmes in close collaboration with companies and career counsellors and in organising workshops related to the Danish workplace culture and expat counselling.

    About the UCPHs' network for PhD & Postdoc Career Development

    Researcher career development is an important part of UCPH's Talent and Collaboration - Strategy 2023, and one of UCPH's six strategic projects initiated in 2018, specifically designed to attract and develop the best academic talents. To support and develop this work, UCPH has launched a professional network for employees involved in researcher career development activities for PhD’s and Postdocs.

    This network comprises of employees at UCPH engaged directly or indirectly in researcher career development activities for PhD’s and Postdocs. This includes the development of workshops, courses, events, career programmes, mentoring and other career development and clarification activities targeted young researchers.

    The network currently comprises over 50 members - a diverse group of scientific and administrative staff, PIs and heads of departments. Network meetings are held three times a year.

    Date: 20th January 2021
    Time: 09:00-10:00
    Place: Online - Zoom

    Deadline 11th January 2021