Conflicts and Tensions - with a focus on the managerial task

- with a focus on the managerial task

This workshop improves your strategies on how to handle tensions and conflicts. Learn what you can do by yourself and when and where you can get help.


  • Insight in how a conflict can develop
  • Knowledge about different kinds of conflicts
  • Training in how to analyse and understand conflicts in your group
  • Training in how to handle a situation with tension or conflicts


You will be introduced to different ways of understanding conflicts and tensions and what to be aware of. We will work with examples of conflicts and tensions in your environment, and we will experiment with how to handle the situations with the theory and models in mind. Afterwards you will share experiences with the other participants. The main element of the workshop is practice with actors, allowing participants to practice how to successfully deal with conflict.
The course will be held in English. If all present are Danish-speaking, the course may be held in Danish.  

Participants and expectations 

Anyone with managerial tasks can participate.
You should be willing to share some of your own potential conflicts and tensions, have the curiosity to practice with the actors and be able to pay respect to the cases from the other participants.

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