Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the way we support young researchers' careers!

Ib Ravn - Expert in facilitating knowledge processes

Unique workshop in UCPHs' Network for PhD & Postdoc Career Development!*

How do we improve conditions for PhD’s and Postdocs, who are particularly exposed to insecurity and the lack of guidance in their careers? How can we at the UCPH use attractive training to attract and retain highly skilled and visionary researchers?

Many young researchers face the same challenges related to short-term contracts, limited influence on direction of the research and to becoming a primary author.

Scientific staff and research support units, as well as anyone at the UCPH who are either directly or indirectly engaged in researcher career development activities for PhD’s and Postdocs, are all invited to share knowledge and shape initiatives through structured facilitation lead by our distinguished guest from Aarhus University, Ib Ravn. Ib has authored several publications about facilitation. When he is not teaching facilitation and leading research meetings at Universities across Denmark, Ib Ravn facilitates public engagement and political dialogue.

Workshop design

Participants will share their best practices and most important challenges in two facilitated processes:

  • A knowledge exchange, during which everyone makes an ultra-brief presentation of one challenge they face and/or one resource they are willing to share with others, so that everyone afterwards will have found 2-3 people to talk with for 5-10 minutes each. This will yield a small number of topics, that will be further developed during
  • A number of facilitated small-group meetings assembled by a bottom-up, dot-voting process.


10:00 Opening, presentations, by Mark de Vos and Mary K. Kobia
10:10 The Knowledge Exchange: Your resources and challenges
11:20 Break (with a brain snack)
11:35 Dot-voting and facilitated small groups: Development of topics
12:50 Plenary take-aways
1:00 Good-byes, and a light lunch to go

We hope you will join this unique event and find new inspiration for how to support young researchers’ careers. This event will allow you to share knowledge and network with other like-minded professionals. We will be serving a light sandwich lunch after the workshop.


Ib Ravn is an Associate Professor at Aarhus University. He has extensive experience in the design and study of methods for "Facilitating Knowledge Processes." He lectures internationally on how to do meetings that increase participant involvement. Ib earned his PhD from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

For more information about Ib Ravn, please see his blog and repository of assorted texts on meetings, facilitation, meaning, research etc., written in Danish or English.


Please note that registration for this event is first come, first served basis, except that members of UCPHs' Network for PhD & Postdoc Career Development have first priority.

* About the UCPHs'
network for PhD & Postdoc Career Development

Researcher career development is an important part of UCPH's Talent and Collaboration - Strategy 2023,  and one of UCPH's six strategic projects initiated in 2018 was specifically designed to attract and develop the best academic talents. To support and develop this work, the University has launched a professional network for employees involved in researcher career development activities for PhD’s and Postdocs.

This network comprises employees at UCPH engaged directly or indirectly in researcher career development activities for PhD’s and Postdocs. This includes the development of workshops, courses, events, career programmes, mentoring and other career development and clarification activities targeted young researchers.

The network currently comprises 35 members - a diverse group of scientific and administrative staff, PIs and heads of departments. Network meetings are held three times a year. The next network meeting is scheduled for 19 September 2019.

Interested in joining this network?

If you are interested in joining this network and getting more information and updates on our next event in September 2019, kindly email

Do feel free to disseminate this information to colleagues or your network interested in career development activities for PhDs and Postdocs.


Mark de Vos & Mary K. Kobia

Project leads for the UCPH project related to researcher career development activities for PhDs and Postdocs

Shared HR - University of Copenhagen (UCPH)