Fastelavn Kids Event


Dear everyone,

We are pleased to invite you and your children for an enjoyable meet-up, where we will gather around the Danish ‘Fastelavn’ tradition.

Fastelavn is a carnival of sort, where kids dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. It is celebrated in daycare institutions, schools etc.  Some say that Fastelavn is the Danish equivalent of Halloween, but while there are similarities, like kids dressing up in costumes, there are also many differences between the Danish Fastelavn and Halloween. 

Fastelavn is an old tradition and has deep cultural roots. At Fastelavn, kids “knock the cat out of the barrel” with a bat. Or in Danish, "Slå katten af tønden". The barrel is filled with candy. "Cat Queen" is the one who knocks the bottom off the barrel so that the candy comes flushing out, while the person who becomes "Cat King" is the one who knocks the last remaining board off the barrel.

Another tradition related to Fastelavn is eating Fastelavnsboller. These are sweet buns that are typically filled with cream or jam. You can buy them almost everywhere in bakeries and grocery store. They are delicious!


  • Hello and welcome
  • Guessing game: what are we dressed up as?
  • Photo session
  • ‘Slå-katten-af-tønden’
  • Fastelavnsboller, coffee and hygge
  • Bye bye and see you soon

We look forward to see you and your dressed up children!

NB: Kids (and hopefully parents J) have to show up in costumes! You can either make a homemade costume. There is lots inspiration online. Or you can buy a costume. ‘Fest & Farver’  on Nørrebrogade 110 is a great shop for costumes and accessories.

Event details

When: Sunday 16th February
Time: 13:00-16:00
Where: International House, 6th floor, Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen V
Price: Free
Registration deadline: Sunday 9th February