Leonard Cohen Exhibition

We invite you to join our Tour to the Gammel Strand art associations to view the Leonard Cohen exhibition 'A Crack In Everything'. 

With the exhibition on the world-renowned novelist, poet and singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen - The GL Srand art association presents both Cohen's music, words and performances offering a critical celebration, loving tribute and quiet commemoration of his vast artistic achievement and inspiring life. So join us for this viewing of the first exhibition entirely devoted to the imagination and legacy of the global icon, featuring contextual multimedia installations - immersive multiscreen archival montages and so much more. 

There are two tours in succession. The first group starts at 12:00 and the second group at 12:15. Since this exhibition is in collaboration with the Nikolaj art gallery, a part of the tour will take place at this location. It is a quick five minute walk outside, so remember to bring good outdoor wear!

Event Details:

When: Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 
Meeting time: 11:30 (please make sure to be on time!)
Meeting Point: Gammel Strand 48, 1202 København
Price: Free

Please note, the confirmation of registration is not an invitation to the event. After you sign up, we will let you know as soon as possible if you can join us.