Intercultural Communication

The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is a very interesting multicultural workplace. Some people experience they work in a very Danish setting surrounded by typical Danish values, while others describe working at UCPH as an extremely international working environment, with a mixture of international principles and guidelines, with English as the main language.

Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication style, can enhance the effectiveness of your (intercultural) professional interactions.

Most people at UCPH encounter this as an interesting, but sometimes challenging experience of how to communicate with each other so everybody is included and understands the core of the message. Should I use Danish or English? Should I mail, phone or visit to get my message across? Can or should I give feedback and how to do that? How should we arrange, behave and communicate at meetings?


You will be more aware and learn more about:

  • Your own and your colleagues cultural background
  • How you can optimize your intercultural communication and give effectively feedback
  • Danish and UCPH working culture
  • How you can support new (international) colleagues
  • Understanding different communication styles and how they affect others


This interactive workshop is targeted to everybody working at UCPH. Danes and non-Danes will profit from sharing experiences and getting advice from the facilitators and the other participants about intercultural communication at UCPH.
At the workshop, we will work with:

  • Learning and sharing about Danish and UCPH working culture
  • Giving “Danish” feedback
  • English. Danish! Denglish?
  • Communication and context
  • Verbal vs nonverbal communication

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