Join the International Citizen Days and make a difference as volunteer!

We're excited to announce the upcoming International Citizen Days 22-23 September! This is an incredible opportunity to volunteer and be part of a transformative event that brings together public authorities, private organisations and local communities in Øksnehallen for two days of endless inspiration on housing, job and social life through a carefully curated fair together with talks, debates and activities relevant to all newcomers. The programme is tailored specifically for internationals, providing a wealth of knowledge that will make settling in in Greater Copenhagen a smooth journey for the entire family including your accompanying partner and children  - You can read more about this event here.

Why volunteer?

The organisers of this event (Københavns Kommune/City of Copenhagen and International House Copenhagen) are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join in the heart of the action and planning! By lending your skills and time you can gain following:

  • Contribute to the smooth running of this remarkable event.
  • By participating, you'll have the unique opportunity to upskill, expand your network, and connect with a multitude of people, organizations, and companies attending the event.
  • It doesn't end there! The International Citizen Days is not only a chance to give back, but also a gateway to endless possibilities.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary journey of personal growth, networking, knowledge and information sharing!

Read more about the tasks and please use the links below to register the areas you would be interested in volunteering:

  1. Popup events
  2. Living Library
  3. Stage hosts/ moderators
  4. Volunteering during the event
  5. Communication

Feel free to register for several areas!

Registration deadline 1st of August

Popup events

In the weeks prior to the event the organisers arrange popup events at relevant public institutions, universities and many of the companies, that have a lot of international employees. Here we set up a stand with 2-3 people and promotional material to inform about International Citizen Days for 2-3 hours.

Tasks: The tasks can range from supporting single popup events with 1-2 volunteers to organizing and implementing all/ some of them completely. The latter would include creating a calendar for 5-20 popup events, coordinating timeslots with the relevant institutions/ organisations, preparing and staffing the activity. In 2022 we also developed a quiz and gimmick to create more awareness for the stand and to gather contacts of people interested in the event, so this could also be part of the task.

When: now – August 15 (Preparation) // August 1 – September 22 (Popup events)

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Living Library

One extremely popular activity during International Citizen Days is the Living Library. In the Living Library, internationals who have lived in Denmark already for some time, can be “borrowed” as “books” (conversation partners and knowledge sources) by internationals who have just arrived.   The main purpose of the Living Library is to help newcomers get an easy start by sharing personal stories about coming to and living in Denmark as an international.

We usually try to find 10-15 “books” to facilitate 20-30 dialogues/day. One dialogue usually takes place with a group of 2-4 people and takes about 25 minutes. The Living Library takes place in a lounge area and we aim to facilitate a Living Library on Friday (focus on job and career) and on Saturday (all topics: culture, leisure, housing, job and career).

Tasks: Recruiting internationals who would like to be present as “books”, preparing a written brief for them and coordinating a schedule for the day. Preparation of “book covers” that introduce the “books” and the topics they can talk about to guests at the event, as well as an overview, where people can see who/ “which book” is available for a dialogue when.  

When: now –September 15 (Preparation and recruitment) // Friday September 22, 17-20 and Saturday September 23, 11-15 (Volunteering under the event)

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Stage hosts/ moderators

On both event days we have three stages(300, 100, 80 people) plus an online studio, where we facilitate Q&A between speakers and our audience abroad. We always have a moderator on the big stage, and this year would also like to have moderators/ hosts on the smaller stages and for the online sessions.

Tasks: Welcome and introduce upcoming talks and speakers and thank them after the presentations.

When: Friday September 22, 16-20 and Saturday September 23, 10-15 + preparation

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Volunteering during the event

We work with about 25-30 volunteers on each of the two event days. Volunteer tasks include a wide range of practical tasks, from welcome and reception, wayfinding, stage support to facilitating activities. For each of the topics we have a team of volunteers, who are responsible for their area.  We usually recruit through CPH volunteers and have a volunteer coordinator, who shares task descriptions,  organizes a voluntary intro-meeting prior to the event, and coordinates the different teams on the event days.

Tasks: We could collaborate on staffing all or selected areas (e.g. welcome and reception and/ or stage support)  and/ or by finding a team lead for each of the areas on the day, that could work as a first contact in the area.

When: now - 15. September (Preparation and recruitment) // Friday September 22, 16-20 and Saturday September 23, 10-15 (Volunteering under the event)

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We are always happy about help to spread the word for the event. So if there was interest in helping us promote the event in relevant groups, communities, platforms, … this could also be a great option to collaborate.

When: August 1 – September 22

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Organisers and funding partners of International Citizen Days