Guided Tour of the Medical Museion

Join us for a guided tour of the Medical Museion!

These buildings, which used to be a hospital, have been transformed into an exciting museum with a focus on the historical view of deceases and medical development. The Medical Museion is now a university museum that examines and collects medical science and health, through the lens of history, culture, and art.

During this event we will get to experience the classical guided tour which presents understandings of disease and the body from antiquity to now, from the four humours to biochemical reactions. The tour is for you if you are interested in a large overview of medical history and along the way we will be brought to many different parts of the museum. During the tour we will learn about the history of surgery, enemas against melancholia and about how bad air caused Cholera. We will start in the auditorium, where surgeons of the past received their training. Then we will get to see the exhibitions on illness and health before and now. We will get the opportunity to look inside the human body, get close to living bacteria and hear about history’s most important medical discoveries and inventions.

Event Details:

When: Sunday, October 22, 2023
Meeting time: 10:45
Meeting Point: Bredgade 62, 1260 København K
Price: Free

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