International Spouse Career Lunches 2020

These events are held in an informal setting, but provide a chance for internationals to network, meet with other spouses and to share both professional and personal experiences and interests.

Apart from enjoying a delightful lunch and meeting new acquaintances, these events will also have a career focus on giving you tips on career-related topics and cultural aspects in Denmark. Some of the topics could range:

  • Do you need new ideas on how to enhance your job search?
  • Do you know how to create a CV or resume that stands out to employers?
  • Have you mastered the Danish hygge?

Each month’s theme will be conceptualised based on input from guest speakers, recruiters/head hunters, international spouses and expats.

Children are very welcome to the event; a cosy kid’s area has been set up to occupy them creatively.

Upcoming Events

 20th May - Cancelled

Time: 10:00 -13:00 hrs

Workshop: Better working lives for junior researchers and PhD-students

What should PhD students do to get better working lives? How do you deal with work pressure, imposter syndrome and career uncertainty?

These questions and many more will all be answered, at this career event where you will have the pleasure of meeting Niels Glæsner. Niels holds a PhD in educational science and works as a Consultant at the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM)!

Why focus on PhDs working lives?

Doing research training to obtain a PhD degree is rewarding work for many. However, for a large number of PhD-students it is also a tough process with many hours in the lab or library and uncertainties about the quality of one’s work and future in academia or beyond. For some researchers this turns into serious work related issues – a phenomena so wide spread that Evans et al. in a 2018 article in Nature talked about a “mental health crisis in graduate education”. The question is how universities, supervisors, professional organizations and individual PhD students should act to combat these issues.

Workshop focus

This workshop is aimed at giving PhD students input on how to develop good working habits and avoid some of the pitfalls that create bad work life balance and stress among many young researchers.

In the spring of 2019, DM in collaboration with the PhD-organization PAND conducted a survey with over 1000 respondents among Danish PhD students in a number of different fields and asked them about their career plans, working habits and well-being.

Starting from the results of this survey, the workshop will discuss how to protect yourself throughout you PhD training and increase the likelihood of a good and productive PhD process.

After this workshop you will:

  • Have knowledge of the typical causes for stress in PhD students
  • Be aware of techniques to handle issues and difficulties before they arise

Feel free to attend this unique event and get inspiration on how you develop a good working life as a PhD-studen. This event also provides you with the opportunity to share your experiences and network with other like-minded professionals.

We will be serving a light lunch after the workshop.


Niels Glæsner has a PhD in educational science. He has conducted research and consultancy work focused on education policy and labor market issues. Niels works at the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs (DM). DM advises its members on a wide range of issues e.g.:

-         Employment, working conditions and contracts

-         Career and job opportunities within your field

-         Personal guidance if you lose your job

-         Free talks and career events

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Price: Free

17th June

Time: 10:00 -13:00 hrs

Meet-N-Greet Ørsted – How to stand out? Recruitment tips & tricks!

At this unique event, you will get a chance to "Meet-N-Greet" with Laura Mayland Jensen from Ørsted. You will be able to converse informally and ask questions about the company as well as get advice on how you can gain visibility and maximise your recruiting potential. We will focus on:

  • The recruitment process: How does an HR professional work and what to pay particular attention to in your personal sales material (application / CV)?
  • The interview process: If you are called in for an interview, what can you expect? What do's & don'ts are important to be aware of?

Feel free to attend this informal and cosy event and ask any questions you may have in connection to your job search!

Mind that this event is a corporate networking event so we recommend a dress code that is business casual.

Event details:

Facilitator: Laura Mayland Jensen - Recruitment Consultant at Ørsted.

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Price: Free