International Spouse Career Lunches 2022

These events are held in an informal setting, but provide a chance for internationals to network, meet with other spouses and to share both professional and personal experiences and interests.

Apart from enjoying a delightful lunch and meeting new acquaintances, these events will also have a career focus on giving you tips on career-related topics and cultural aspects in Denmark. Some of the topics could range:

  • Do you need new ideas on how to enhance your job search?
  • Do you know how to create a CV or resume that stands out to employers?
  • Have you mastered the Danish hygge?

Each month’s theme will be conceptualised based on input from guest speakers, recruiters/head hunters, international spouses and expats.

Children are very welcome to the event; a cosy kid’s area has been set up to occupy them creatively.

Upcoming Events


22nd February

9.30 -12.30 (including lunch)

Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Dorthe Kingo Vesterlund – Project Manager – Business House Copenhagen |  LinkedIn


Dorthe Kingo Vesterlund

Project Manager at Copenhagen Career Program

Alternative job search methods; Why an internship or employment with salary subsidy? What does it mean and how does it work?

As an accompanying spouse pursuing a career in Denmark, you have the possibility to apply for measures promoting employment. These measures are known as internships (4-13 weeks) or employment with salary subsidy (3-6 months) - løntilskud in Danish.

Why begin an internship or employment with salary subsidy?

  • An opportunity for regular employment with the company afterwards
  • Opens possibilities of finding a job that matches your qualifications
  • References and network for finding a regular job
  • Clarify your qualifications and goals regarding education and work
  • Possibility of job training while receiving a salary
  • Improve your Danish skills


Come and get more information about these alternative job search methods and how they work! Join this informal and cosy event where you will also get the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals and enjoy a nice lunch!!

The presentation will focus on the possibilities for spouses encompasses by the Integration Act (spouses who have been in Denmark for less than 3 years).

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25th February

13.00 -15.00

Gyldenløvesgade 11, 6th floor, 1600 Copenhagen V

Meet IDCN volunteers for an informal meeting up, a good cup of coffee and a free-flowing conversation!

IDCN Copenhagen

Volunteer Team



Are you an accompanying spouse, looking to expand your network and work as a volunteer in Copenhagen? Then maybe IDCN is something for you?

We are pleased to inform you of the great progress we have made in creating the International Dual Career Network (IDCN). We (the University of Copenhagen) initiated the start of IDCN in 2016 and currently, Mark de Vos and Mary K. Kobia are the Steering Committee leads of IDCN Copenhagen as well as IDCN Global Presidents of 14 locations worldwide.

The activities of IDCN Copenhagen are focused around career events hosted by corporate members from sectors within education, finance, life science, biotech, shipping, engineering, consumer products and consulting. Today, IDCN is a great accomplishment, and we have numerous job success stories of partners who have found jobs through the network.


IDCN is a great initiative and supplement, because it is for spouses, and it’s driven by spouses! Through its many career events/webinars, IDCN offers the opportunity to get a business network in Denmark. It also gives the possibility to create a social network with other like-minded professionals. The network’s events and activities are run by a team of partner volunteers with corporate mentors. IDCN provides the following benefits:

    Expand your professional and personal networks

    Discover more about the local job market and the best job search strategies

    Tap into our network of partners for advice and support in your job search

    Learn new skills, boost your profile, and gain local references

Join us for a "hygge" meet-up with fellow internationals and like-minded professionals. You will have the opportunity to learn more about social and professional networking developed by IDCN, share experiences, and know how volunteer’s teams developed adaptive skills, turning Denmark into their new home. We will be serving light snacks and beverages.

Below you can find the companies who are part of IDCN.

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