The Danish tax system and the annual tax assessment 2020

Tax Webinar for PhD and Researchers in Denmark 

Are you an international researcher under the special tax scheme or considering to be, a researcher in Denmark with inquiries about the general tax system or are you an international PhD student wondering about your tax liability in Denmark and/or while you are abroad? 

Then, the upcoming tax webinar, facilitated by the Danish tax agency (Skattestyrelsen) is just for you. This introductory online session will guide you through the general tax system, important deadlines for the ordinary tax scheme, specific information related to the tax liability for PhD students, and the specifics of the researcher tax scheme. A detailed agenda of the presentation will be published ahead. 

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the Danish tax agency staff, who will do their best to answer as many as possible during the live streaming. Furthermore, you can send your questions when registering for the event. The speakers will focus on the topics of interest. 

The Danish tax agency continues to increase its self-service capabilities and emphasises more than ever on making it easier for people to search for information and contact possibilities online. We strongly advise you to visit the English site for Tax in Denmark (, read the tax glossary and revise general information at Life in Denmark about the system before attending the event. This will ensure you make the most out of this webinar. 

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