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List of employees

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anne Stokholm JacobsenMobility Consultant Faculty of Health support +45 353-30473E-mail
Christina Brit ThomassenMobility Consultant Faculty of Science support and School Consultant +45 353-22558E-mail
Daniel Thomas Mosbæk JensenMobility Consultant Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Sciences support and PhD Mobility +45 353-31212E-mail
Henriette Strand NielsenMobility Consultant Faculty of Science support and Pension +45 353-24008E-mail
Ida AndersenMobility Consultant Faculty of Science support and Communication +45 353-21615E-mail
Mark de VosSenior Mobility Consultant Dual Career ~ Spouse Network, Euraxess and Intercultural Communication +45 353-24323E-mail
Mary Kagendo KobiaMobility Consultant Dual Career ~ Spouse Network +45 353-31737E-mail
Michael PieperMobility Consultant Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Science support +45 353-37609E-mail
Pauline TarpMobility Consultant On maternity leave - Faculty of Health support and Taxation +45 353-21618E-mail
Sandra Westy KrambsSenior Mobility Consultant Faculty of Health support and Consultant for Work Abroad +45 353-22653E-mail
Stine KloppenborgMobility Consultant International House Coordinator and Daycare Consultant +45 353-37269E-mail
Sune Kåre SørensenMobility Consultant Faculty of Health support +45 353-30106E-mail
Søren Kjærsgaard HøflerMobility Consultant Immigration +45 353-24116E-mail
Vivian Tos LindgaardHead of International Staff Mobility  +45 353-22297E-mail