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EU/EEA/Swiss citizens

As an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen, you can reside in Denmark under the EU regulations on free movement. You may freely enter Denmark and remain in Denmark for up to three months without an EU residence document (Registration Certificate). The period is calculated from the day of entry.

If you know your stay in Denmark will last more than three months, you have to apply for an EU Registration Certificate before the expiration of the three months. The registration has to be done online and you need the EU certificate in order to get your CPR number.

  • First you must register with the State Administration (with an online application followed by registration in person within 30 days)
  • Then you can register as a resident in the National Register through the local authorities (CPR). The CPR number gives you access to many things in Denmark such as healthcare, getting a bank account, salary

How to apply for a registration certificate

You need to have access to the following documents on your computer:

  • A digital photo that meet the following requirements for passport photos.
  • A copy of your passport (the pages with your photo and general information) or both sides of your national ID card.
  • Completed employer’s declaration OD1 (Appendix A) or employment contract. Please note that the employment contract/employer declaration should not be more than 1 month old. Otherwise contact the person who issued the document to get an updated copy if that is the case.
  • If you are here with family member(s) who also need to register in Denmark, each family member must to fill an individual online application. (Each child must also fill an application).If you are married, you and your spouse need to each upload a copy of your marriage certificate. An application for a child must include a birth certificate with both parents’ names

IMPORTANT – Please be aware that documents related to accompanying family members i.e. marriage certificate and birth certificate might need to be verified by the local authorities where they were issued. If they are not verified in the home country, the process of getting it verified from abroad can take months, so please check these documents. All documents issued by authorities outside Europe have to be brought along in the original form when showing up in person to EU register. Please write to if you have any questions related to apostille/verification of documents.

  • Fill in your online EU registration through this link.

It is very important that you remember the personal password you enter when saving/submitting the application.

  • After submitting your online EU registration:

Please send ISM an email with the following information.

  • Full name*
  • Birthday*
  • Nationality*
  • Passport number*
  • Personal password to online application*

Your application will then be processed. When your application has been finished by the State Administration, ISM will be informed and will contact you by e-mail with information on how to proceed. You can then book online an appointment to get your EU certificate at the below address (you need to show up in person). We will also send you information on how to proceed with your CPR number ( you need the EU certificate in order to get the CPR number)

The International Citizen Service (ICS) is a comprehensive service for internationals, who need to collect their EU certificate and their CPR number. The ICS is located in International House Copenhagen, Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen V, along with other relevant services. International Staff Mobility (ISM) is on the 6th floor in the building.