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List of employees

Alice BogoniAcademic Officer +45 353-30860E-mail
Daniel LadaniAcademic Officer +45 353-30137E-mail
Daniel Thomas Mosbæk JensenAcademic administrative officer +45 353-31212E-mail
Edwin Alexander CastilloClerical officer +45 353-34447E-mail
Ida AndersenAcademic administrative officer +45 353-21615E-mail
Josephine KjøllerAcademic Officer +45 353-30283E-mail
Mark de VosSenior adviser +45 353-24323E-mail
Mary Kagendo KobiaAcademic administrative officer +45 353-31737E-mail
Stine KloppenborgAcademic administrative officer +45 353-37269E-mail
Søren Kjærsgaard HøflerAcademic administrative officer +45 353-24116E-mail
Tita EscalanteClerical officer +45 353-35517E-mail
Vivian Tos LindgaardHead of section +45 353-22297E-mail