List of employees

Name Title Phone E-mail
Alexander Danekilde Olsen Office Trainee +4535334037 E-mail
Anna Avanesian Mørch Academic Officer +4535325705 E-mail
Beate Bruss Senior Global Mobility Consultant +4535322178 E-mail
Carina Belle Jensen Global Mobility Consultant +4535324201 E-mail
Christopher Sylvest Hermann Academic Officer +4535323207 E-mail
Diana Kolind Lund Nordstrøm Academic Officer +4535330537 E-mail
Dorte Tornehave Kampman Administrative Officer +4535323990 E-mail
Hanna Catharina Söderling Academic Officer +4535325015 E-mail
Jo Ebert Håkonsson Special Consultant +4535331341 E-mail
Kasper Ørnskov Global Mobility Consultant +4535337709 E-mail
Mark de Vos Group Leader +4535324323 E-mail
Mary Kagendo Kobia Special Consultant +4535331737 E-mail
Michelle Damborg Foldager Academic Officer +4535331910 E-mail
Najat El Kadi Senior Consultant +4535337007 E-mail
Vivian Tos Lindgaard Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535322297 E-mail
Züleyha Özden Special Consultant +4535326730 E-mail