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Tel: +45 35 32 44 60

Vivian Tos Lindgaard




I am the manager of ISM. I have been managing ISM since 2008. My focus is to support managers at UCPH with international recruitments of faculty staff. I am also very engaged in how to reduce the barriers for recruitment and retainment of international employees at UCPH.

Beside my role as manager of ISM I coordinate the Danish Section of Scholars At Risk.

Please contact Vivian if:

  • You are a manager at UCPH and you need some advice on international recruitment
  • You have any questions to the work of ISM.

Dorte Tornehave Kampmann




As an office clerk at ISM I work with various administrative projects and coordinate a lot of day-to-day inquiries on the phone and from the mailbox.

Please contact Dorte:

  • If you have questions related to ISM events
  • If you have general questions related to your stay
  • If you need information about how to find accommodation during your stay
  • If you want to set up a meeting or visit the ISM office in Krystalgade 25

Anna Avanesian Mørch




As a global mobility consultant, I want to make sure that the relocation for the international staff to Denmark goes as smooth as possible. We all know that moving and settling in a new country is not always easy and therefore it is very important for me that I can help them and they can reach out to me if they should have any questions.

Please contact Anna for more information about:

  • Residence and work permit
  • Accompanying family members
  • Researcher taxation

Beate Bruss




As a mobility consultant at ISM I support employees, managers and HR-centers with international recruitments and research stays abroad. I take great pleasure in providing high quality advice and mobility service to make international moves a memorable mobility experience.

Please contact Beate for more information about:

  • Research stays abroad / International assignments
  • International recruitments and faculty service
  • Researcher Taxation
  • Social security
  • Villum Family Support Package and Family and Onboarding Package
  • ISMs Newsletter

Carina Belle Jensen




As a specialist in immigration at ISM I have experience from both the Danish Immigration Service as well as the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration. I mainly work with PhD students and guests at UCPH. I may also help PhD students with practical matters when going on the change of research environment.

Please contact Carina for more information about:

  • application for residence and work permit based on PhD studies, guests at UCPH, Establishment Card scheme, family reunification
  • questions related to leave of absence as a PhD student
  • change of research environment
  • questions regarding Danish short-term visa

Christopher Sylvest Hermann




As a mobility consultant at ISM - specialized in immigration - I help you before, during and after your arrival in Denmark.

Please contact Christopher for more information about:

  • More specific questions about having a work and residence permit as a PhD in Denmark
  • More specific questions about the conditions of your work and residence permit as an EU-citizen or Non-EU citizen researcher

Daniel Ladani




The services ISM provides covers many topics such as residence and work permits, taxation, social security and much more. I help to support our international staff with the administrative procedures, making it easier for our staff to focus on their work, without having to worry about all the administrative procedures.

Please contact Daniel for more information about:

  • Immigration: residence and work permit for employment, permanent residency and more.
  • Social security
  • Scholars at Risk
  • Researcher taxation
  • The rental market in Denmark

Diana Lund Nordstrøm




As a Dual Career Consultant, I am to help as many spouses find their dream job in Denmark as possible. To be able to create a positive experience for the whole family in Denmark.

Please contact Diana for more information about:

  • 1:1 Career counseling for spouses.
  • Dual Career Services and IDCN (International Dual Career Network).
  • Workshops focused on job search, career development & networking.

Jo Ebert Håkonsson




As a language consultant at ISM I work with various projects related to language and culture. I take great pleasure in helping international employees settling in and accommodating to a new life, a new culture and a new career. 

Please contact Jo for more information about:

  • Free Danish language lessons and/or tailor-made private lessons
  • The Language Policy at UCPH - and what it might mean to you

Or contact Jo if you experience any of the following

  • Your lack of proficiency in Danish has a negative impact on your ability to carry out your job
  • You feel excluded from work related or social events due your lack of proficiency in Danish

Kasper Ørnskov




As a mobility consultant at ISM, I help internationals with relocating to Denmark. I apply for residence and work permits; I provide information on registration in Denmark; I provide information on tax, pension, social security, insurance and more. I truly enjoy helping other people and I am always happy to have a talk, no matter the topic. 

Please contact Kasper for more information about:

  • Residence and work permit for non-EU citizens
  • EU registration
  • CPR registration, NemID/MitID, E-Boks and Bank account
  • Tax, pension, and social security

Mark de Vos




Just as our international researchers and their families, I also moved to Denmark, and experienced how great, but also how overwhelming this move could be in certain periods.

Please contact Mark for more information about:

  • Dual Career Services and IDCN (International Dual Career Network)
  • Career development for PhDs & Postdocs (UCPH Career Network and Postdoc Exit Survey)
  • EURAXESS (Bridge Head for Denmark), Top Projects, HRS4R
  • Workshops and talks about cultural diversity and intercultural communication
  • Information and sparring about international recruitment at UCPH

Mary Kagendo Kobia




Relocating to a new country comes with a significant set of excitement and also challenges. It is in this context, I truly enjoy supporting international researchers and their families in their transition by providing input on how to realistically, smoothly, and successfully adapt to living in a new country you have chosen.

Please contact Mary for more information about: