You can set up a bank account with any Danish bank when you have received your CPR number (please refer to the FAQ for information on CPR registration). You will need to bring the following documents to the bank:

  • Passport or other valid Picture ID
  • CPR Number
  • Letter of Employment
  • Documentation on your address in Denmark

The university has an agreement with one of the major Danish banks about setting up an account. It is of course up to you if you wish to make use of the offer. If you wish to make use of the university agreement, please contact ISM.

NemKonto (Easy Account)

All citizens registered in Denmark are required to have a NemKonto (Easy Account). A NemKonto is a normal bank account that you assign as your NemKonto. The University will transfer your monthly salary to your specified NemKonto.

When you set up a Danish bank account, it is usually set up automatically as your NemKonto. You can also set up a foreign account as your NemKonto. Please refer to the FAQ for more information on NemKonto.