Insurance – University of Copenhagen


The possibilities of buying insurance are, like in other countries, indefinite. While most vital services are covered by the public system in Denmark (see more about health insurance), most Danes also have accident insurance, home contents insurance, unemployment insurance and travel insurance. In addition to this, it is mandatory by law to have third party insurance if you own a car.

Home contents insurance, car insurance and travel insurance can normally be bought as a ‘pack’ from a private insurance company. Liability insurance is usually included in the home contents insurance. Furthermore, you are not automatically insured against unemployment. Unemployment insurance is handled by separate insurance funds – see more in the paragraphs below.

Unemployment insurance – A-kasse

If you plan on staying in Denmark more permanently, you should consider joining an unemployment insurance fund (in Danish: A-kasse). Unemployment insurance funds are semi-public entities built on principles of solidary contribution and not affiliated with private insurance companies.

You can read more about unemployment insurance on

Vehicle insurance

Third-party insurance for liability (Danish: ansvarsforsikring) is mandatory by law for all car owners in Denmark. You will be asked to provide documentation for this kind of insurance when you buy or register a vehicle. The insurance has to be bought from a private insurance company.

Further insurance for loss and damage (Danish: kaskoforsikring) to the car can be bought in addition to the third party insurance, but this is not mandatory.

Travel insurance

If you are employed by the University of Copenhagen and travel in connection with your job (e.g. if you are attending a conference abroad), you will be covered by The Travel Insurance Scheme for Public Employees (in Danish: Tjenesterejseforsikring) which is handled by the private insurance company Europæiske Rejseforsikring.

The insurance only covers acute illness or an unexpected deterioration of existing or chronic illness and does not provide cover during holiday or leave. Routine examinations or scans (eg. in connection with pregnancy) are therefore not covered by this insurance.

Please contact the personnel administrator at your department to get a travel insurance card.

As the Travel Insurance Scheme for Public Employees will not cover you while you are on holiday or on official leave (incl. sabbatical), you may consider buying private travel insurance.

Work insurance

During work hours, you are covered by your employer’s work insurance (in Danish: arbejdsskadeforsikring).

The University of Copenhagen will offer compensation if the university or a staff member commits an act of negligence that causes damage to you, but not if it is a matter of unforeseen contingency.