As an academic staff member at the University of Copenhagen you are covered by a mandatory pension scheme. The University pays a total pension contribution equal to currently 17.1% of your pensionable salary. 

Besides saving up for your old-age pension, you will also be covered by a built-in insurance scheme that covers you and in some cases your family on illness, disability or even death. The insurance coverage in relation to the ordinary and §53a pension contribution is flexible and can be arranged in a way that matches exactly your situation.

Your pension fund will depend on your educational background and details of the relevant pension fund will be included in your letter of employment. For further information about the insurance coverage and if you wish to take out the pension amount when leaving Denmark, you must contact your pension fund. Please find the name of your pension fund at the bottom of your employment contract. If you already have a CPR number, you can also check your e-boks for letters from the pension fund to find the contact details. Please note that it is only possible to have your pension savings paid out if you leave Denmark (or in special circumstances if the pension amount is very low).

Three different options for internationals

As an international researcher employed at the University of Copenhagen, you can choose between three different pension schemes, please see below.

When you get your employment offer from the University, you will be forwarded to an employment form and asked to choose which pension scheme you would like. If you have not chosen any, you will automatically be placed on the ordinary pension scheme. If you fulfill the requirements, it is possible to change your pension scheme, but not retrospectively.