Job Search and Career Counselling

Relocating and living in another country can be both challenging and exciting. There are often many practical matters to figure out, including job search. One of the most important questions you might ask is: “How do I find a job in Denmark?”

Applying for jobs in Denmark may be a very different process than in your home country. ISM, through the career counselling program, will be able to assist you in understanding this process, gaining the needed skills and knowledge in order to embark on your career in Denmark. 

We offer a personalised approach that will suit each individual's unique needs by providing support, inspiration and hopefully creating excitement around your job search. We are also able to offer support over phone and via Skype if you are unable to meet with us in person.












In order to get started, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. We advise you to seek assistance and information from your local “Erhvervscenter” (business centre) to get a good grasp of the local laws and regulations. The business centre will also be able to provide you with advice on several aspects of your business such as marketing, accounting, pricing, recruitment, etc.

Copenhagen Business Service provides free business advisory support for start-ups and businesses located in Copenhagen. They offer a number of important services for start-ups including courses, workshops, counselling and a business mentoring program.


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