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Events and courses

As a member of the Dual Career ~ Spouse Network, you will have the possibility to participate in many events, workshops and courses. This is a great opportunity to either meet others, receive information about working and living in Denmark or being actively involved in a dynamic network. 

Career Development Workshops

This is especially useful for internationals with an academia background who would like to expand career options within the private sector OR to get input on how to search for jobs outside academia. International Staff Mobility (ISM) organises free workshops on job seeking opportunities in Denmark.

Workshops cover:

  • Danish working culture: What is important to know
  • Tips on how to personalise your cover letter and CV
  • What to expect and how to prepare for a job interview
  • How to improve your opportunities in Denmark

By attending these workshops, you will get to network and share your experiences with others. We hope to provide you with inspiration in your job search efforts while living in Denmark.

Cultural Events - Country Themed

University of Copenhagen connects people from all over the world. To celebrate this uniqueness, ISM organises country themed events, e.g Portuguese food evening, Chinese  karaoke as the highlight or discovering India via presentations and delicious meals.

These events are geared to bring together people with an interest in being internationals and an are opportunity to experience and receive new information about a place you may not be familiar with. Through these events you will get to network and also experience the thrill of preparing and enjoying country delicacies.

Cultural Events - Danish Culture

Living in Denmark, naturally means meeting and often being part of the Danish culture and its traditions. Through organising these cultural events, we would like to share typical but also less known Danish habits. We introduce Danish traditions, such as "julefrokost", the yearly Danish Christmas dinner party, or “fastelavn”, which marks the transition from winter to spring.

We also include visits that reveal more about Danish history or provide an insight on current Danish culture. These visits are conducted inside and outside Copenhagen: e.g. the Danish parliament, Christiania, canal tour, historic castle tour in northern Zealand, viking museum in Roskilde etc.

We aim to take you behind the scenes and to help you enjoy the Danish cultural experience through guided tours specifically made for you.

Events with your Children

We organise specific activities for children even though they are usually welcome at all our events. Each event has a different theme and it depends on the needs, wishes and ideas of members of the Dual Career ~ Spouse Network.

We organise “Kids Bake Off” where everybody can play and/or bake together, an afternoon where a licensed physiotherapist will introduce certain baby exercises. In addition we also organise an annual childrens pre-Christmas party.

Free Courses

Employees working for the University of Copenhagen have the possibility to choose from many different courses to enroll in. Members of the Dual Career ~ Spouse Network also have the opportunity to participate in these courses.

All members will receive a mail including information about these free courses (first come, first served). If you are a researcher you might be interested in signing up for courses such as “What to consider when applying for external funding” and ”Project Management for Researchers”.

Information Meeting for Newly Arrived Internationals

International Staff Mobility organises a monthly information meeting for newly employed researchers at the University of Copenhagen and their families. We recommend all newly arrived internationals to sign up for the information meeting as soon as possible.

The purpose of the meeting will be to inform you about the University and topics related to living and working in Denmark, e.g tax system, pension, health care, insurance, Danish society, school and leisure activities etc.

International Spouse Career Lunch

This event is held in an informal setting, but provides a chance for internationals to network, meet with other spouses and share both professional and personal experiences and interests. 

Apart from enjoying a delightful lunch and meeting new acquaintances, the event will also have a career focus with tips on career-related topics and cultural aspects in Denmark.

Some of the topics:

  • Do you need ideas to enhance your job search?
  • Creating a CV or resume that stands out to employers.
  • Have you mastered the Danish "hygge"?

Each month’s theme will be conceptualised based on input from guest speakers, recruiters, international spouses and expats. By attending the international spouse lunch, we hope to offer networking support and to provide inspiration in your job search efforts whether you live in Denmark or Sweden (cross-border spouse from ESS).

Understanding Danish Tax 

Twice a year, International Staff Mobility (ISM) invites representatives from SKAT (the Danish tax authority) to give an overview on the Danish tax system including understanding the intricacies of the system.

Following the presentation, you will have the chance to receive individual guidance. This is a unique opportunity to ensure that you are tax compliant.