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Partners and networks

When moving to a new country, networking is essential in order to create a new professional and social framework to help you integrate and adapt in the new environment . In Denmark, building a network is crucial in establishing your credibility and expanding the opportunities that may arise in job searching or expanding your social circle.

We have gathered different social and professional networks that you can be a part of in Denmark. We also would like to present professional partners with whom we
cooperate on matters related to assistance for internationals in Denmark about networking and job search.

In addition, the Dual Career ~ Spouse Network team also participates and shares best practices and knowledge in international networks and EU projects. 

Associations & Networks

Below are listed links of different networks, associations and clubs in Denmark. The groups are organised alphabetically and not in order of preference or importance.

Copenhagen Business Service

Copenhagen Business Service assists individuals who would like to set-up a new business. Moreover, small companies with aspirations of growing their business can find support.

The main goal is to make the process clear, simple and easier for businesses in Copenhagen to establish, operate, and grow by providing direct assistance to business owners. All their services are free of charge and include:

  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Counselling
  • Business Mentoring Program

You can receive counselling in English, on how to start and develop your own business in Denmark, at the International House. Please note that Copenhagen Business Center's courses take place at:

Njalsgade 13, 2300 Kbh

Copenhagen International Service

CPH International Service is a department within the Citizen Service that aims to make moving to and living in Copenhagen a great experience for international citizens who are looking to work or study in Copenhagen alone or with their family.

CPH International Service helps run the International Citizen Service, where you can find assistance and a vast array of information on practical matters and how to create an everyday life in Copenhagen.

CPH International Service is part of the Copenhagen Talent Bridge-project and facilitates a series of welcoming services, including New in DK introduction meetings, targeted at international talents and their accompanying partners/families.

Department for Culture & Leisure

This organisation is part of the Culture and Leisure Administration in the City of Copenhagen. They guide and advise newcomers on leisure possibilities in the city.

For example:

  • Associations and clubs (sport, music, theater, dance, scout, etc.)
  • Volunteer and start your own association
  • Cultural institutions and activities (libraries, sports facilities, culture houses)
  • Free workshops on leisure possibilities

Lise Kingo Hansen
International Consultant
+45 2053 8234

Jobcenter Copenhagen International

Jobcenter Copenhagen International is part of the employment and integration administration in the city of Copenhagen.

At Jobcenter Copenhagen International guidance and advise is given to newcomers about Danish lessons, job searching and education during the first three years of their stay in Denmark.

Contact Person:
Bente Gade Reumert, Manager

Call us +45 8256 4600
Mon-Thurs: 8.30-14.00
Fri: 10.30-12.00 


Workindenmark's main goal is to introduce highly qualified candidates to Danish companies in order to retain them within the Danish labour market. 

The goal is to make it easy for Danish companies to find international talents and for internationals to secure employment and establish a career in Denmark. Workindenmark’s services cover the following areas:

  • Danish companies find international talent
  • International jobseekers to find jobs in Denmark
  • Facilitate contact with necessary authorities
  • Assist companies and internationals to get a head start
  • Cooperate with jobcentres to help Danish jobseekers find a job abroad

International Networks & Projects

The Dual Career ~ Spouse Network team has partnerships outside Denmark and it is  involved in projects with other Universities and groups. These opportunities enable participating organisations to share best practices and gain knowledge on programs and activities around Dual Career support for internationals.

Dual Career Network USA (IHEDCA)

The University of Copenhagen (through the Dual Career ~ Spouse Network) is part of the International Higher Education Dual Career Association (IHEDCA). Through this network we receive information on how to run and improve our programmes, we share experiences with other research institutions in other parts of the world, and we are able to link people to other Dual Career programmes at other Universities.

Dual Career Project EURAXESS (TANDEM)

The University of Copenhagen (through ISM) has been part of a two year EURAXESS project called TANDEM. Tandem Stands for Talent and Extended Mobility in the European Innovation Union. In this project experienced Dual Career and Recruiting Offices and Euraxess Service Centers joined forces to come up with a working model to overcome obstacles faced by internationals.

The team members from five different academic institutions in Europe strengthened Euraxess Service Centers activities by adding a complimentary focus on dual career and integration aspects. The TANDEM project analysed the basic requirements for successful implementation of Dual Career and Integration Initiatives and developed a modular approach to these services.
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